Marsh & Fear Garden Solutions
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“Fitting your needs… from a full design… to solutions for a specific problem”

Services We Offer

  • Step By Step Solutions
    We help our clients form a step by step approach to creating solutions based on their budget and time available. You will always know exactly what we are doing and how much it will cost.
  • Plant Consultation
    We are able to provide an in-depth plant consultation with personalized plant lists, or if you prefer, we can adjust our consultation to whatever level you are comfortable with.
  • Design Drawings
    We can provide to-scale design drawings or renderings for your entire property or for any portion of your garden. We also can provide to-scale site plans to owners, contractors and other designers.
  • Structure Designs
    If your garden plan calls for it, we are able to design arbors, fences or other defining structures for your garden. We also can suggest builders or contractors who can provide the building services.
  • Stone Work & Water Features
    We provide consultation on pond and stream design and construction, as well as a variety of other water features. Another important service is design & advice on a wide range of stone work from retaining walls to pavers.
  • Ongoing Plan Consultation
    In terms of your garden plan, we can provide ongoing support over time with short consultations if you are doing the work yourself or hiring parts of the work to be done.
  • Ongoing Garden Coaching
    We are always available to provide ongoing garden coaching or education at reduced rates once an initial plant consultation has been completed.