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What Our Clients Say

"My wife and I have been gardening for quite some time, but when we moved to Portland, we encountered an environment quite unlike anything we'd seen in the Midwest. So we wanted to find a landscape design team who could start at the beginning with a base plan, and then work with us to build our new garden over time. Anne and Gary are the perfect team. They listen to our ideas and then deliver them back to us as a plan that makes our visions possible. But to us, the thing that is most special about Gary and Anne is, simply, Gary and Anne."

– John V., SW Portland

Finally we’ve got the plants in and the new areas topped off with mulch. We were working outside Sunday afternoon, and within an hour three neighbors stopped to say how nice the yard is looking.  It’s interesting – besides a general “looks really nice,” people have commented that the front entrance looks “so warm and welcoming” and “makes the house look larger” by extending it out. So, thanks, Gary – that’s exactly what we were aiming for.

– Myrna and Rob D., Cedar Hills

Our gardens were about 70% complete and we were stuck; what do we have to do to give them the finished look we want? Anne came to the rescue on the plant side with many good plant recommendations for colors and groupings that blended the new areas with established beds. Gary provided what we needed on the structural side by giving excellent recommendations, along with detailed drawings, of structures that lead to focal points and others that provide interest to plain walls. We won’t hesitate to use their services for new, existing, or partially complete projects.

– Chuck & Dee G., Lake Oswego

As new homeowners with little landscaping know-how, we inherited an unloved yard whose few misplaced plants were poorly chosen.  Anne has been a godsend in helping us envision what our yard could become. Based on the plants that we love and the nuances of our property, we are seeing this vision unfold more and more each season.  Anne has been great at answering our seemingly endless questions, large and small.  From learning how she thinks about garden layout and design,--how to give the yard dimension, to plant plants in the most ideal microclimate, to figure out which plants complement each other well, and to create year-round garden interest--we have grown much more able to visualize future ways we can beautify our garden space.

– David N., Portland

"My sweetie and I have been consulting with Anne Marsh about our yard for the past two years. Before Anne, our back yard was a chaotic jumble. We had no idea where to start working on it. Now Anne comes over every few months and gives us tips based on our own tastes. We have slowly transformed our garden into a place we are happy to spend time in. The change is amazing! Having consultations rather than hiring a gardener has allowed us to be engaged in the results. It feels like something we created."

– Michelle L. & Claire S.,  Portland

"Collaborating with Anne Marsh is an educational delight. As a novice gardener I am delighted to be able to collaborate with Anne as my landscape renovation continues to proceed in phases. One thing of which I am particularly appreciative is her ability to listen first to what I think I might want to accomplish then suggest things that fit what I need rather than simply recommending things she likes but may or may not fit my needs. She has artfully trimmed existing older plantings and I am particularly impressed with her method of teaching me why and how she is doing what she is doing as she does it so I can continue to maintain my own yard in the future. I recommend Anne to anyone looking for "just the right person" in the gardening solutions realm."

– Linda T., West Linn