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Working with Anne & Gary

Our Work Process

When we work with you on your garden, we focus on the style and feel you want to achieve. We use our expertise to help you realize your goals, basing the work on sound design principles and unique plant solutions.

By limiting our services to "design only" we can work easily with clients who are interested in doing their own work as well as clients who want to arrange for all or part of the project to be done by a contractor.

The first thing we do is to meet with you and look at your garden. We do charge for the actual time spent on our initial visit, but we do not charge for travel time within 20 minutes of our inner city Portland location. If your design needs go beyond this first visit, we will develop a proposal with a price. Once the design process begins we will meet with you to review the progress such that corrections can be made before finalizing your design. Your satisfaction with the design process and outcome is of the highest importance to us.

Short Consultations/Garden Coaching

Both Anne and Gary also provide shorter consultations regarding plant or hardscape solutions that may not involve a full design or drawing.  Anne’s plant consultations involve numerous handouts and plant lists that aid you in becoming a better gardener.

Listening To Your Ideas

The first thing we encourage each client to do is complete our garden design questionnaire. This will help you clarify for yourself – and for us – what it is that you wish to achieve. Sometimes by simply gathering together favorite photos from books or magazines, you can gain more insight into the type of garden you would really like to have. And we definitely encourage you to visit our garden – which is open each month during the growing season – to see examples of plants and hardscape solutions we recommend.

Our philosophy toward our business, and our approach to helping people create their personal gardens grew from the experience of improving our own garden environment over time.

Now, we would like to share the lessons we've learned with you.